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Director: Prof. Giuseppe Casalino

Prof. Giuseppe Casalino is currently full professor at DIBRIS, University of Genova, holding the chair of "Industrial Robotics" and also teaching the course of "Automatic Control". Previous positions covered were at University of Pisa (full. prof., chair of "Industrial Robotics"), University of Calabria (full. prof., chair of "Automatic Control") and originally at university of Genova (associate prof. of "Multivariable Control Theory" and "Industrial Robotics").

His research activities are in the field of Robotics and Automation, with special interests devoted to all the aspects involving planning, motion and interaction control problems within sensorized multirobot structures. Particular applicative interests are directed toward the fields of Underwater and Space Robotics.

Within DIBRIS, he is currently the head of the Laboratory of Robotics and Automation. He is also the Director of the Interuniversity Center on Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment (ISME), and also Director of the research laboratories of the Ligurian Technological District on Integrated Intelligent Systems (SIIT).

He is, and has been, the responsible scientist of many EEC funded collaborative research projects and many of MURST, CNR, ENEA and ASI Nationally funded research projects, all in the field of robotics and automation. He is the author of more then hundred papers on the subject, published on international journal and conferences.

pino at dist dot unige dot it +39 010 353-2727 +39 328 1003209

Prof. Enrico Simetti

Enrico Simetti received the M.S. degree cum laude in Computer Engineering from University of Genova in 2008. Afterwards, he worked as research assistant at the Department of Communication, Computer and System Science (DIST) of the University of Genova. He received the Ph.D. in Mathematical and Simulation Engineering in 2012. From 2008, he has done teaching support activities within DIST.

He is currently an Assistant Professor at DIBRIS, teaching the course of "Automation Systems" in the Mechanical Engineering course.

His main interests of research are focused on the development of control systems and coordination algorithms for robotic platforms. In particular, he is interested in ground vehicles, marine surface vehicles, underwater vehicles and industrial manipulators. He is also involved in the development of a surface vehicle prototype for securitiy and surveillance applications. In the last few years, he developed strong skills in real time software development and in the development of embedded system software. He is currently co-author and supervisor of most of the software developed in the Research Unit he is part of.

simetti at dist dot unige dot it

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