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Unmanned Surface Vehicle Prototype


As part of our long term cooperation with Selex-ES, we have designed and developed a very low-cost USV prototype. Its design is based on a commercial R/C boat, with an added custom electronic board which takes care of the autonomous control. The prototype has a GPS board and antenna to localize itself, and communicates with the base station through a radio frequency modem.

We have 10 of these prototypes at our disposal, which we can use to test different kind of algorithms: from obstacle avoidance algorithms to patrolling and interception algorithms.

Youbot Platform


The KUKA youBot is an open platform that is operated with open source software. It is on its way to become a reference platform for hardware and software development in mobile manipulation.

We own two of these platforms, and we exploit them to implement control algorithms for coordinated arm-vehicle control, for cooperative manipulation and transportation.

Underwater Modular Arm


The Underwater Modular Arm (UMA) is an electrical underwater arm manufactured by Graal Tech. One of the main characteristic of this arm is the fact that each joint is a separate module. The design of a new arm can thus be done very quickly, by just composing the required basic modules. Furthermore, the control of each motor is embbeded in the joint itself and the module is controlled via a CANbus interface. The UMA concept was developed within the TRIDENT FP7 project.

We currently own two of these arms, with different link sizes.



The eFolaga is low-cost AUV manufactured by Graal Tech. Its main characteristic is its great mobility. Thanks to different pumps, it is able to move in any direction. Another important characteristic is the fact that it is modular. The middle part can hold a specific payload module, which can be designed to comply with a standard hardware interface. In this way, the eFolaga can be equipped with a wide set of sensors, depending on the given mission.

As part of the SIIT consortium, we have access to two eFolaga, which we can use to develop and test guidance, navigation and control algorithms for AUVs.

AMADEUS work cell


The AMADEUS work cell is the result of the pioneeering FP6 project AMADEUS (Advanced manipulators for deep underwater systems). The project was divided within two phases. The first phase (1993-96).

In the first phase, a dextrous three fingered underwater gripper has been developed, incorporating force and slip sensors, which employs a control system to allow automatic grasping of objects up to 150mm diameter and 5Kg mass in conditions of zero visibility.

The second phase has instead regarded the coordinated use of a pair of underwater manipulators for grasping and manipulation, and the incorporation and use of additional sensory information such as optical and acoustic vision.

Nowadays, we use the AMADEUS work cell in our lab, as a dual arm setup. Both arms have 7 degrees of freedom each, and are equipped with a JR3 force/torque sensor at the wrist.

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