Date Type Authors Title File
2017-03-04 Master Thesis M. Fregiaro and M. Placidi Modellistica Dinamica e Controllo di Sistemi Robotici per Interventi Sottomarini pdf
2016-02-04 Master Thesis S. Galeano Metodologie di controllo per l'ispezione e la manutenzione di strutture sottomarine pdf
2014-10-31 Master Thesis L. Andretta A General Control Architecture for Underwater Floating Manipulation pdf
2014-09-19 Master Thesis G. Cucut Mobile manipulator prototype development and integration pdf
2014-04-04 Ph.D. Thesis S. Torelli Modellamento, simulazione, gestione e controllo di squadre di sistemi marini robotizzati pdf
2014-02-09 Master Thesis M. Tosa Vision framework for rover guidance in planetary exploration pdf
2013-7-10 Master Thesis E. Peshkova Integrated Cooperative SLAM with Visual Odometry within teams of autonomous planetary exploration rovers pdf
2012-4-17 Ph.D. Thesis E. Simetti Planning and Control of Autonomous Marine Systems pdf
2011-5-20 Master Thesis A. Lazzarotto and S. Sabba Real Time Localization of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles via Acoustic Measurements pdf
2011-3-11 Master Thesis A. Canepa Guidance and Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles pdf
2010-5-7 Master Thesis D. Ducco and F. Frassinelli Study and Development of Visual Odometry Systems for Planet Exploration pdf
2009-9-25 Master Thesis S. Lombardo Coordination and Real Time Control of Manipulation Systems based on Wireless Communication Channel pdf
2009-4-13 Master Thesis S. Torelli Object Oriented Framework for the hardware and system abstraction pdf
2008-12-19 Bachelor Thesis M. Di Salvo and S. Valcada Torque Control of a Parallel Robot for Dentistic Applications pdf
2008-10-31 Bachelor Thesis D. M. N. Fogliani and F. Romano Developing and Experimental Realization of a Mobile Manipulator pdf
2008-07-10 Bachelor Thesis A. Bisagni and V. A. Santamaria Realization of an HW/SW Architecture for the low level control of a mobile platform pdf
2008-02-13 Master Thesis E. Simetti and M. Vecchio Control and Coordination of Cooperative Mobile Manipulator Systems pdf
2007-12-19 Bachelor Thesis M. Cantelli and A. Congiu Design and Realization of Distributed Control Algorithms for Manipulation Systems Based on Dynamic Programming pdf
2005-11-7 Bachelor Thesis E. Simetti and M. Vecchio Realization of the Control System for the Movimentation of a Nonholonomic Mobile Manipulator pdf
2005-03-10 Bachelor Thesis E. Lazzeri and G. Sica Realization of a sensor for an articulated jaw robot pdf

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